Ozow Refunds takes the hassle out of the refund process. With a few simple clicks, merchants can process instant refunds for their customers.

Using the same platform that the purchase was made on, Ozow Refunds provides a seamless payment process without the need to request any customer or banking information. 

Benefits of
Ozow Refunds

Seamless refund process.

Easy float top-up for merchants.

Automatically ensures that refunds are not higher than the transaction value.​

Quick and easy process, giving customers the funds to shop again.

Meeting the need for fast refunds and payouts.

A positive refunds experience improves brand loyalty and helps to increase a business’ profitability. Read our latest White Paper to find out more.  

    How to use Ozow Refunds

    1. Log on to your Ozow Dashboard via and select the Refund option.

    2. Check your Float balance by clicking on “View Top-ups”.

    3. To add funds to your float, send through a request to [email protected] for the amount you want in your float. Once the funds have been deposited into Ozow’s account, your Float will be topped up for you to make the refunds.

    4. When you have a sufficient balance in your Float, click on the “Transactions” to locate the transaction that needs refunding.

    5. To process the refund, simply click on “View Details” and confirm the transaction. When ready, hit the “Refund” button.

    6. Enter the amount required and reason for the refund before submitting.

    7. To search for a refund made, use the “Filter” function.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Customers can either call in directly or email a merchant’s support line. It is also recommended that a Refund button (handled through our Ozow Refund API) is added to your website for the payer to request it immediately.

    Customers can either call in directly or email the merchant’s support line.

    When the refund reflects, customers will receive a normal banking notification confirming a deposit into their account.

    • Ozow Refunds are facilitated by Ozow on Monday – Friday, twice a day at 09h00 and 12h00
    • Refunds requested before 12pm – the money will reflect within 48 hours.
    • Refunds requested after 12pm – the money will reflect within 72 hours.
    • All normal banking / debit card transactions can be refunded.
    • No credit card transactions can be refunded currently.